The MARS Institute

The Modern Academy for Remarkable Students was founded by A.S.P. operative Michael Savant.

It is an extension of A.S.P.’s commitment to be a privatized self-policing community of “supers” in order to demonstrate that there is no need for governments to discriminate against or to regulate those in the population who have become known as “supers”.

One day, in 2008, in the Smerdiverse role-playing game, Michael Savant was chaperoning/babysitting two teenage A.S.P. agents at Six Flags over St. Louis. He observed a mysterious woman try to recruit his young charges into a school for young “supers”. Michael intervened and brushed the mysterious woman off.

In metagaming terms, around the table, none of the players present had a good feeling from the woman NPC recruiter. The player consensus was that this woman was recruiting for an “evil” school to train up young villains.

Michael approached the St. Louis leadership of A.S.P. with the idea that the A.S.P. launch its own school. Michael was appointed head headmaster of the institute. Ground was broken in the fall of 2008. The project was completed and classes began in the fall of 2009.

The MARS Institute serves students from pre-school through doctorate programs and everything in between. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

The MARS Institute

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