The Smerdiverse-Game-Day-Campaign

February 20th, 2010: GEA Game Day
MARS Institute Try-Outs for Spring 2010

In a game session taking place a month earlier in January 2010, the MARS Institute held try-outs for new students for the Spring 2010 semester.

The judges for the try-outs were Principal Nicely, Knightshade, and Swoosh.

Several new students were admitted to the MARS Institute, including:






Megan and Mika Lanara, already students at the MARS Institute, were present among the spectators.

Campus safety and security was overseen by Agent Archer and Agent Phillip.

After the try-outs were finished, the heroes were called by A.S.P. to an emergency in the Valley Park and Fenton areas of the St. Louis metroplex. The entire region had suddenly, inexplicably flooded. Swoosh, being able to run on water, and Knightshade, being a teleporter, were able to rescue many civilians from their vehicles as they were washing away in the flash flood. Megan, with her water control abilities, held the cars afloat long enough for a complete evacuation.

In the meantime, Agent Archer and Agent Phillip, in SCUBA gear, found, under the floodwaters, the source of the sudden influx of salt water, an ancient Atlantean artifact. The artifact was recovered and brought back to A.S.P. headquarters.


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